Match wits and black magic bubbles in this fast-paced, kawaiicore puzzle game! 

Play as a creepy-cute witch and let your loyal familiar handle all the hard bubble-tossing work. Put your magical prowess to the test by dropping powerful chain reactions in single-player mode, or hex your best witch friend in two-player mode.

As bubbles come down from the top of the screen, you can collect bubbles by pressing "down" (or "s"). Fire bubbles back up again using "up" (or "w") to build a vertical stack of three or more bubbles of the same color and clear those bubbles. When a vertical stack of bubbles clears, bubbles of the same color on a horizontal row will also clear.  Vertical stacks will also clear when bubbles fall after an initial clear--building chain reactions! Additionally, you can pick up multiple bubbles of the same color at a time and hold them all until you fire them up again.

Originally made for the 2017 LowRezJam and the 2017 "Short and Sweet" Jam, this game was completely built in a 64 X 64 pixel format. The game currently scales up to a size of 384 X 384 pixels. The game currently also plays better in fullscreen mode. <3

This game uses these sounds from

“Tech Rhythmic Sound” by Soughtaftersounds (

Creative Commons; Attribution license

Copyright © 2011 Varazuvi™

“Metal_Clink” by blimp66 ( ;

Creative Commons; Attribution license

“Menu Select” and “Menu Move 1” by killkhan (

Creative Commons; Attribution Noncommercial license

“Spooky zone” by HF2010 (Michael Carrier) (

Creative Commons; Sampling+ license

“High Pitch Bubble Pop1” by CGEffex (

Creative Commons; Attribution license

Development log


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Ah Magical Drop!

Also, I love the spoopy style :D


Haha, yep, I think you're the first person to recognize Magical Drop. ;)

I've got Magical Drop 3 on my Neo Geo MVS. :9

Very nice variation on the match 3 concept. I'll have to try to two player version next. Great job!

Thank you! We wanted to add "special" bubbles to make the chain reactions more exciting (and one-player a bit easier/ more fun), but we ran out of time for the jam. :)

Clever use of such a small area of pixels.

Thank you so much! This was our first game and our first experience with pixel art. :)

Very cute! I love the tiny low res aesthetic! ♡

Thanks again!